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EZ CD Audio Converter Crack

EZ CD Audio Converter Crack is an audio converter software to convert and edit audio files. It has intuitive user interface and easy to operate. A most popular software used by professionals, enthusiasts, radio stations, and studios. It is one of the most comprehensive and highest quality audio file converter. The program supports various formats such as Vorbis, FLAC, Apple Lossless, MP3, WAV, M4A, Opus, AAC, DSD, and many other formats. Most of all, you can convert multiple files within short period. Separate audio tracks from video files, increase audio file conversion on multi-core CPUS using parallel audio converters. Modify update folder and file names with metadata tags.

EZ CD Audio Converter Crack Full

Re-edit metadata audio files and move all metadata tags from source files to destination files. You can convert sound music between all audio file formats with ultra precise audio engine. Perform audio re-sampling with highest fidelity and professional quality sample rate converter. You can convert between DSD and PCM formats in lossless quality with professional grade encoder. These conversions are gapeless and perform sample rate conversion PCM to DSD and vice versa. Detect all type of errors in CDs and two-pass verification for perfect digital audio quality. Also, perform conversion from CDs to FLAC and between AAC, WAV, and MP3.

Get access to CD-Text, UPC/EAN, ISRCs, and pre-gap information. In addion, you can de-emphasize audio CDs that have pre-emphasis. Extract all type of information from CDS and check the status of audio track extraction. Get high quality metadata and high resolution cover art from Amazon, GD3, Discogs, and Freedb metadata services. Use search tool for album as well as artist search. It is compatible with latest version of audio codecs. Download codecs from all type of available sources. Use encoder/decoder to enjoy quality music conversion. Enjoy high resolution audio mode, convert high quality resolution source when trans-coding between lossy audio formats.

Basic Features:

  • Compatible with latest audio codecs
  • Extract metadata from online services
  • It can works as a best audio CDs ripper
  • Enhance sound music quality for best performance
  • It is a fully featured sound music file conversion


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